A family business born 25 years ago — Antares Romania

Antares believes in lasting relationships with partners, clients, employees, architects and designers. We believe as well in sustainable products. Currently, the Antares group is one of the largest manufacturers of office chairs in Central and Eastern Europe. In the beginning, it operated as a distributor of office chairs, but due to the favorable market situation, in 1993 the company also developed its production segment.


Everything started to go upward from this point on: between 1995 and 2001, in addition to exporting to Western European markets, the parent company established subsidiaries in Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria. Within a few years, the Antares subsidiaries managed to gain a significant share of the Central and Eastern European markets.

The group currently has more than 300 employees, five production plants and sales teams in seven European countries. Antares chairs are exported to thirty other European and non-European countries. Annual production exceeds 1.2 million chairs, with a total turnover of over 35 million euros. Out of these numbers, Antares Romania represents approximately 1/3 of the group, with almost 100 employees and a turnover of 10 million euros/year.

Production sites: (factories): Czech Republic (2), Hungary, Romania (2), Serbia, Bulgaria.

Sister companies in: Czech Republic (1992), Hungary (1995), Slovakia (1995), Romania (1998), Bulgaria (2001), Serbia (2008).


Antares is a chair specialist. Of course, we know exactly how a chair should look, and even more: we know how it should make you feel. And there is no philosophy here: a chair should make you feel at ease. To be able to stay relaxed while you work, to be able to sit comfortably if you are in a waiting room, to support you if you have to spend a lot of time sitting, in short – not to distract you from what you have to do.

Antares knows that the chair is doing well it’s job when it can go unnoticed. When you can listen to the concert without having to bend over backwards, when you can move freely while multitasking, when the hours pass without realizing it while reading a book, or when you can spend some time without annoying as you wait your turn.


Because they have an undeniable impact on people’s mood and behavior. In fact, more and more studies reveal that the seat and work environment play a key role in attracting, motivating and retaining staff. A chair contributes to employee satisfaction at work and provides a sense of well-being.

In conclusion, it is about how aesthetics influence the work or home environment. By adapting the chairs to your needs, we can transform a cold, sterile, corporate environment into something warm and welcoming. We create a sense of privacy in a public space.


We are a chair factory with high quality standards and qualified staff; therefore, we can offer our partners customized products and services according to the requested requirements. Our products are manufactured through the coordination of in-house departments that passionately follow all production processes, from the careful selection of raw materials to the attention paid to the upholstery, to the manual packaging of the Antares product.


The ambition and enthusiasm of the Antares team inspires us every day to innovative and original solutions materializing through the birth of countless models of chairs and sofas that make up the product range.

We apply the most important principles of ergonomics to our products, respecting the environment, by using ecological materials with low impact on the environment and observing the strictest rules for user safety. The goal of the team behind the Antares logo is to create highly comfortable, technological, modern and safe products in accordance with user requirements.


The quality of Antares chairs and the company’s processing procedures is guaranteed by several certifications, which are periodically checked and renewed.

First of all, certification for quality management ISO 9001 and certification for Environment: 14001 are a must, but also the conformity of Antares products with European standards EN1335, EN13471 and several others.

Message from the CEO

Dear Collaborators and Dear Customers,
We love creativity and innovation without sacrificing the classic forms established over time. Design, Functionality, Quality. We do our best to combine all these elements in the new ANTARES collection. We work together with successful designers to provide you with innovative products with style and elegance born from passion. Thank you for choosing us to stay close and grow your business together since Antares Romania was founded 25 years ago, in 1998. The continuous development of knowledge, skill and production capacity, together with the company’s personnel, has facilitated the acquisition of experience at a constant and progressive pace to become a world-class organization.”