Xtra Ordinary – a constantly evolving furniture collection

Welcome to XO Interiors – a furniture brand born from a passion for creating exceptional, exclusive, contemporary and special furniture pieces. Our journey began in 1996 when we started producing high-quality furniture for numerous well-known brands. Fast forward to 2015, with years of experience in the industry and a team of skilled designers, we decided to create our own brand – the XO Interiors.

We take pride in our name, which stands for “Xtra Ordinary”. Our collection of furniture is extensive and constantly evolving to cater to the changing demands of our customers.

Top quality materials, well balanced design and attention to the details – it’s simple as that

At XO Interiors, our goal is to provide personalized assistance to our customers. We listen to their demands, assist in choosing the right furniture to suit their space and offer effective recommendations on how to incorporate our unique pieces. We understand that we live in an ever-changing world, and our customers’ needs evolve continually. That’s why we constantly strive to make the necessary changes to exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure their utmost satisfaction.

We promise to offer you more than just furniture. With XO Interiors, you will experience elegance, luxury, comfort, and exclusivity that will transform your space into an extraordinary interior.

As a company with a strong production capability, we are well-equipped to cater to our customers’ unique requirements. We take pride in working closely with our clients to offer tailor-made products that align with their specifications. In addition to our extensive range of standard products, we also collaborate with our clients to create bespoke offerings upon request. This flexibility allows us to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and truly meet the needs of diverse markets and industries.


At XO Interiors, we are dedicated to providing furniture that does more than just sit in your space. We believe that furniture should be an experience, adding convenience, comfort, and aesthetic appeal to your home. Our team of passionate designers and manufacturers are committed to striking the balance between form and function to create pieces that truly make a statement.


With years of experience in the industry, our furniture pieces are crafted with remarkable quality and attention to detail. Each piece carries its own character, showcasing our visible craftsmanship. Our furniture is sought after and sold globally, with customers consistently delivering positive reviews about their purchases. We’re proud of our success and attribute it to our focus on quality, excellent service, and professionalism in all that we do.


At XO Interiors, we believe in creating moments of pure joy for our customers. Each piece of furniture we offer is crafted with the intention of bringing lasting happiness into your home. Our goal isn’t just to satisfy you in the moment, but to continue delighting you for years to come. When you choose XO Interiors, you’re choosing an investment in eternal love and lasting pleasure.